Taking in the sights and sounds of Spring!

Enjoying getting our steps in over the last few days and making the most of the sun shining! We are trying different walking routes to add a bit of diversity to our walks! Check out some of photos!

Smoking cessation talk

Very encouraging and informative talk from our local smoking cessation and health promotion officers (Una and Ann) in new Horizon this morning. Lots attended for many different reasons, some wanting to quit, some who have just quit, some who wish to be of support to others and some who are thinking about quitting. We are…

Home baking!

Baking for the weekend has proven to be very popular on a friday! How nice is it to have some home baked goods to take home and enjoy over the weekend! Here is a snippet of some of the delicious recipes we baked in New Horizon

Garden project New Horizon

Over the last number of weeks Foras have joined us for a garden project. What began as a smaller project to give New Horizon some indoor plants evolved into a lovely project generated by participants own interests. We have brainstormed, propagated, sown seeds, planted and also taken on a project for make some window baskets…

HELLO, How Are You?

We got a fabulous day for our ‘Walk and Talk to the Weir’ event for Hello How are you campaign last Thursday March 30th. We left New Horizon after our stretches and Yoga and walked which for many was the first time to this area. We chatted meaningfully along our venture and made a pact…

HELLO How are you?

Our campaign off to a great start today! Some stretches and yoga before our ‘Walk and Talk to the Weir’ More to follow …..

Easter Crafts

Getting into the swing of Crafts for Easter. The lovely bright colours bringing hope and good feelings to all.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

We baked Chocolate Chip Cookies today in our Baking Group. They are from the Odlums recipe and a favourite of mine! Chris

Odlums Whole Meal Muffins

On the 8th of March we did a baking class. We made whole meal muffins with chocolate chips. We had to follow a recipe and weigh the ingredients. First we put all the dry ingredients together then added the liquid’s ingredients and then combine them together. Fill the muffin cases and bake for 15-20 minutes….

Our visit to Rua Red

Last week we took a visit up to Rua Red. This is a fantastic centre for the arts and hold exhibitions regularly. We went to look at the exhibition called Made in China. This is an arrangement of framed paintings of objects that are all made in China and brings our attention to how disposable…

The Gym Tallaght leisure Centre

Tallaght Leisure Centre Recently at New Horizon we got gym membership for Tallaght Leisure Centre which we started on Tuesday February 17. The facilities are great. The staff are kind and it’s very accessible. We have access to everything including the pools and certain classes. We hope to go to the gym as a group…

Bowling with New Horizon

We went bowling last week with New Horizon. There was about 10 of us. We split into two teams There was 5 on one team and 4 on another. I was on the one with 5 on a team on one lane with all the boys and one girl, while the girls were on another…

Recovery College

On the February15th a group here in New Horizon commenced a Personal Development Course with the Recovery college in Kilkenny, which we do online. This is an eight week programme helping build confidence and self-esteem, identify and develop skills to help set life goals to live a more fulfilling quality of life.

Lets Get Active with Foras…

  For the last few weeks, New Horizon have been offered the opportunity to take part in an exercise programme with Siel Bleu in Foras EVE/HSE. We have been following Siel Bleu on YouTube for the last couple of years and following their classes both in the center and at home. Soto have been given…

Rua Red Visit

Yesterday the group from New Horizon payed a visit to Rua Red to meet up with Kimberley and Maoliosa, to tell us all about Rua Red and show us around the amazing facilities. Rua Red is a contemporary art space housing two galleries, a theatre/cinema, a dance studio, a conference room, a digital media suite,…

Upcoming Guest Speakers

We are in the process of organizing a number of guest speakers to visit New Horizon over the coming weeks and months. Be sure to keep yourself updated and check out the noticeboards in the center as well as our Facebook page for regular updates. We hope to cover a wide variety of interest such…

Social Prescribing

Last week we invited our local SDCC social prescriber link workers to visit New Horizon. South Dublin Partnerships are delivering a variety of initiatives as part of the Slaintecare Health Communities programme. These include Healthy Food Made Easy, We Can Quit programme, parenting Support Groups and Social Prescribing. A social Prescribing link worker works with…


As the New Year has rolled in, all her in New Horizon are putting our best foot forward (literally!!) as we walk and put our plans together for our Healthy Lifestyles! Our timetable has lots of choice and programmes to get involved and in different areas of a Healthy Lifestyle from topics such as:

Bowling in Tallaght Leisure Plex

Tuesday participants from New Horizon went bowling in Tallaght leisure plex. There was a great turnout with 11 participants joining in in all the fun. To say there was enjoyment had by all is an understatement. We had some real bowling kingpins within the group with several participants getting strikes! We are hoping this will…

Christmas Crafts in Tallaght Library

Tuesday New Horizon took part in Kim Jenkinson’s art and craft class in Tallaght Library. The guys made Christmas cards by cutting out shapes from decorated card, they used glitter, stencils and different cord, wool etc. The cards looked amazing, such simple techniques achieved such lovely cards to give as a great xmas gift!