Advocacy & Presentation Day—OCT 2014

 Hi my name is Martin and I’ve recently participated in 8 sessions of  Self Advocacy Training. It was ran by two lovely people named Una & Jim. They made us feel very comfortable and have to say that honestly and truthfully truly enjoyed the course and its contents. Education is knowledge and I will always look back on my handouts that I keep up safely. Throughout the course here at EVE I struck up conversation with both Jim & Una and was intrigued by their openness such as there own past mental health problems and how they went onto university to become self advocate course instructors.

I was very inspired and found strength & courage in both their advice about life. Both of them had been through sad and very difficult times especially Jim who grew up in the troubles in the North. They were both  perfect for the teaching of Self Advocacy . At the beginning of the group we established a group contract which was very good. Throughout the four weeks we covered such topics as  introduction to Advocacy, Self Esteem/Assertiveness, Relationship Building—Communication styles. Others included Right & Responsibilities balancing our right to express our needs with the rights  of others to be heard. Among other topics were Safety enhancements—some additional work on building relationships, stigma discrimination & equality to name but a few. On the last day we had evaluations and presentation of certificates which we all enjoyed.


Once again a huge thank you to the South Dublin County Partnership for their funding allowing us run an “Advocacy Course” here in New Horizon.


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