Movie Review—Noble

Christina Noble uses her early life experiences to foster hope and joy for the people  she later comes in contact with.

Her father at the beginning is unable to provide for his children and eventually they are separated and unaware where they are. Christina ends up in the west of Ireland under the supervision of the  nuns and is traumatized as her talents and sensitive nature are frowned upon.

On leaving the orphanage she is given the sum of  5 euro and returns to Dublin to meet her father.  He cons  the money out of  her and she ends up sleeping rough.  Christina gets a job in the  launderette and soon begins to take her place in society. This is not to last long as more  misfortune visits her in the form of an abusive relationship .After giving birth to a lovely baby it is adopted unknown to her and she is beside herself in grief. She and a friend decide they have enough of Dublin and head for Bermingham.

Christina works in a chip shop and proves very popular with customers. An Italian falls for her and they open a business and have initial success. This however is not  to last and they become estranged. All is about to change again in her life and she moves to London.

She is much affected by what she sees on the TV as Vietnam is bombarded and the civilian population suffer unspeakable suffering. Christina decides to do something about the plight of these innocent people. She visits Vietnam and gets a three month VISA. At first she is frowned upon by the authorities. It is not long however before they see the positive side  of her contribution to society. She befriends many people from the …… to the members of government. Soon she proves her point and justice is done. Eventually she opens up numerous facilities and is reunited with her family in England and they continue her work. It is a wonderful tale of courage that sparks this film.


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