Our 12 week update

Our new 12 week timetable started off on Monday Sept 5th 2014. Prior to this we had a registration week. This was new to all of us in the centre. We set up a room with the instructors and there were sheets available to sign up to classes with a maximum and minimum participation in each session. The staff had put a lot of work into preparing the session and we could see the goals and objectives of each module that we were about to sign up to. There were 3 staff present in the room and we each sat down individually and filled out our individual timetables with a staff member. So at the end of the week the classes were full and our 12 weeks of attendance were filled with our choices based on what was presented from the 12 week session.

We have changed the day of doing our yoga which is so much better—it’s now on Friday’s and a lovely way to wind down before the weekend. We still loving dance with Ailish every week is different and the great thing about it is that you don’t have to be a great dancer it’s all just a bit of fun. We recently put together our first performance and created a video of it—this was pretty cool. Roisin is back with us and has us all cooking up a storm every Monday @11am and we just love it.

Our timetable includes variety of session from the aforementioned to environmental studies to General knowledge to cultural studies.

To date its proving to be very enjoyable and we still have the old reliable in Yoga , Dance and Art also included.

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