Participant Story

I have been in New Horizon since last June. I initially came from Tallaght hospital a few days a week. The difference in me from last year is amazing. I found coming here very relaxing and I really gelled with the people here. What I like is that everyone is in the same boat as me that makes you feel safe. We don’t sit around talking about our problems, we have the craic, but if we need support of any kind it is always available both from the participants and staff. I love coming in there is so much to do., like ART, Reading Cultural studies, computers, reading relaxation, the gym and lots more. It has really boosted my confidence coming here, which is a great thing for me. I am doing a drama class in An Cosan and over 55’s club. I am really enjoying both. Altogether coming here has been the best thing for me. I enjoy every minute of it. I forgot to say we get our lunch everyday, I am a vegetarian and Johnny the cook always has something nice for me to eat. I hope your experience here has been as good and its great you get the few bob also.


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