Tallaght Health Fair—Killinarden Community Centre

On the first of October we made our way up to the Tallaght Health Fair in Killinarden Community Centre. We made the trip in a few groups, taking turns heading to check out the fair and even manning our own stall at the fair.

At the fair you could gather information on a wide range of physical and medical health topics. Topics like depression, brain injury, family planning, diet and weight management were covered and each stall had hand-outs and leaflets for you to take home and read.

Muscular Dystrophy Ireland, The Irish Family Planning Association, The Dyslexia Association of Ireland and Headway were just a few out of the dozens of  stalls there and a lot of the stalls had pens and key rings printed with their website addresses so you could look up more information.

There were biscuits and tea and coffee and some familiar faces as the Threshold Training Centre had a stall advertising their employment skills course.

On the way in people were even given a handy canvas shopping bag to hold any leaflets they should take. The health fair was informative and the leaflets collected from it were great for having a look at afterwards both at home and in the centre.

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