Guest Speakers

Spring / Summer 2015

Mark Gibbs

On Tuesday 3rd February—We had Mark Gibbs who you might recognize from Operation Transformation 2014 out with us. He was a leader on the show, originally from Dublin but now living in Co Kildare. Mark always struggled with his weight and had tried all the fad diets going. But now with the help of operation transformation and Marc’s new outlook on life & food and of course determination, Marc has dropped over 4 stone.

Marc was talking to us primarily about mindful living, what it is and how we can become more mindful in our daily lives.

We can do this by really listening to what people are saying and being present in the

moment. Breathing—we do it all the time but to just give ourselves  time to just breath. Marc also showed us an example of mindful eating, where we take our time & acknowledge what it is we are putting in our mouths. When we did this the food lasted longer, we could really focus on the taste of it, it was great. He then contrasted this by show us an example of complete non-mindful eating (which most of us could relate to) as it consisted of Marc taking to someone, deep in conversation and putting piece, after piece, after piece of food into his mouth without even realizing it. It was very interesting to watch.

We then spoke about mindful empowerment and we do thi

by being proud of who we are, this is something that is not always easy as we are often our own worst critics.

Marc also left us with some homework, that has been hard but were trying our best “Put down your fork” on many occasions when eating a meal.

It was a great talk & a real eye opener, but really practical at the same time.

Miriam Tighe

We had a speaker in recently, her name was Miriam who was a staff member from Employability in Bluebell and gave us a talk about their organisation. They help people with mental health problems get back to work.

She was a good speaker, was very friendly and helped everybody who had any questions about Employability. It wasn’t a boring talk as she wasn’t just talking she also took an interest in what people had to say. From my point of view they came across as a very well run organisation that would help you in every step of the way in getting employment. They are not

just about you getting you any job, but getting you a job that suits your needs, skills or some training.

I would highly recommend getting in touch with them if you feel that you may be ready to return to employment.

Elaine Crabtree – Student Nurse

Elaine came in to talk to us about Fighting Depression Beyond Medications. Often A lot of us have difficulty sleeping at one point or another or for some people it’s constant this sometimes can lead to Depression. But Elaine gave us some simple tips to try that may help or possibly eliminate having to go to our doctor looking for sleeping tablets.  We’d like to share with you some of

her tips:

  • Be aware of your emotions & feelings
  • Remove all clutter from your room, have your room looking and feeling nice with fresh bed linen.
  • Nice aromas or scents.
  • Exercise each day.
  • No eating or drinking coffee in the evenings.
  • Be mindfull of ourselves.

SHINE ‘Taking Control’ Workshop

Shine was a workshop held in New Horizon which was based on your own resilience. It helped through interaction with the group to show you how resilient you are. Ronan was the man’s name and he was very good because he showed me how resilient I am and how much support I have around me and how I can be supportive to others.

Overall in my own personal opinion I thought the whole experience of being able to participate in the workshop was a very positive, enjoyable and pleasantly uplifting experience. I felt that the presentation was very well delivered by the speaker who came out from the shine organisation.

The workshop itself thought and outlined to me the most crucial and fundamentally effective ways on how to tackle and effectively manage your own mental health issues. But also it is to highlight the importance of what recovery and recovering in general means to you as a sufferer of mental health issues or individuals who may have or are currently suffering mental health issues themselves.


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