Hub Pilot Journey so far – Spring 2015 & Summer 2015 updates

Spring 2015

Lots has happened since we began our pilot Hub programme we would like to share with you. With regard to our timetable, we are now running it for 16 weeks as opposed to 12 weeks. This will run from Jan 5th—April 24th. This will alleviate a lot of pressure from the staff  as  we will now only  need to develop 3 timetables per year. This current timetable has many focus points—Guest Speakers being one as we have many participants due to finish with us in the coming months so we have invited in Guest speakers to explore with them options for the future.

Coffee Dock training is another regular feature on the timetable at the minute as we are hoping to have it fully operational by early/mid March. This is going very well and we are still on target for the opening.  This timetable also has a Health & Wellbeing theme so a lot of our classes/sessions are focused around this

We have now passed the mid-point of the HUB pilot and both staff & participants have  completed the evaluations. Based on these evaluations some elements of the HUB programme may change and the direction we need to be going may become clearer.

It’s an exciting time and it’s been a very positive  overall experience for us so were eager to see what the findings will bring.

Summer 2015

Some of the latest developments in our HUB Journey is some new members to our staff team. We have Shannon, Martin and David with us now and they bring with them new energy, new skills, new ideas and great vibes. We also have a number of new community sessions added to our timetable for example pitch & putt, baking groups, photography, documentary series, sli na slainte walking groups & zumba.

We still have all our regular groups too, such as community mapping, transition group, HUB buzz & breakfast club. As we are into summer now we are trying our best to be active and get out and about as much as possible. We are doing this through our groups, visits to places within our community, and small social outings. Tai Chi on Wed afternoons is also relatively new and we are loving it, Stewart is fantastic at what he does (but tells the worst jokes)

We have mixed emotions at the minute, we are excited as we have a number of new participants joining our team over the summer months but we are also loosing some  of our participants too but they are going on to great things and new projects so that’s really good. Karol and Roisin are still in contact with us they are doing great, they may be temporally gone but definitely not forgotten

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