Womens Group

Spring 2015

Aussie Outback Restaurant

On Monday 9th  February, 3 ladies and I headed out to Aussie Outback. This is a new restaurant that has opened up beside the Square. It’s a very handy location, I was able to drive on the day and I met the 3 ladies there, they got the bus. We met at 12.30pm,  we were greeted by staff and shown to our table. The places appeared to be really small but I was informed that there was an upstairs to it aswell. There was a whole page of the menu devoted to different types of burgers, another page to steak and many other meat options. I went for the BaBa Burger, this came with fries and took the healthy option of water. The food was lovely, I think we all really enjoyed the meal. It was even better as it was paid for by New Horizon—so thank you. I would definitely go back again and would recommend others to do the same.

Participant in New Horizon

Womens Group and Network together

We had organized for Maria & Annette from the Women Together Network (based in Tallaght) to come to New Horizon to visit us and meet with our Women’s Group. Initially, we thought it might be good for giving us ideas for activities for the women’s group. But as a result of the meeting there is lots of exciting things in the pipeline.

Maria has a background in floristry and will be linking with us in the near future re: an Easter flower arranging project.  There is also a large event happening in Clondalkin for celebrating International Women’s Day for which we have been offered 5 places. Many other exciting ideas were discussed & explored, we’ll keep you posted as and when they are finalized.

Knitting project – Tea Cosies

The knitting group is always popular. Our knitting project this time was to knit Tea Cosies for the coffee Dock opening soon. It was very simple, knit two sides (2 plain, 2 purl stitch) & sew together leaving holes for the handle & spout. I liked the idea of the tea cosies because it brings back warm memories of my childhood, having tea in my Aunt Eileen’s House and her large delph teapot covered with a beautiful cosie.

Summer 2015

Visit from No. 7 team

Our latest link in the community—Jackie and Laura from the Boots No7 team in Liffey Valley.

Three lovely ladies from our centre got a fabulous make over from the Jackie and Laura when they came out to the centre this summer. A thoroughly enjoyable day by all.

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