Calendar of Events for our Guest Speakers.

I know these dates have past but it gives you an idea of the types of talks we run in Hub New Horizon and the links we have made with our community.

Guest Speakers to promote your Recovery:

Tues 3rd Feb—Elaine Crabtree—Fighting Depression beyond Medication

Tues 3rd March—Liah Chambers—Managing the Side Affects of Medication

Paula from Suicide Or Survive

Guest Speaker—Tues 7th April—Liah Chambers—Managing your Out-patient Appointment

Guest Speaker—Tues 5th May—Liah Chambers—Personality Disorders

Guest Speakers to promote your Introduction in to the Community:

Thurs 22nd Jan—Deirdre from Tallaght Volunteering Bureau

Thurs 29th Jan—Miriam from Employability

Tues 17th Feb—Maria—Women Together Network

Thursday 12th March— Ken fron INOU

Friday 20th March—Laura fron IT Tallaght

Guest Speakers to promote your Health & Wellbeing:

Tues 3rd Feb—Mark Gibbs—Mindfull Living

Guest Speaker—Thurs 19th Feb—Aine from MABS

Guest Speaker—Tuesday 3rd March—Bodywise

Guest Speaker—Thursday 5th March—Susan from Shine

Thursday 9th July @ 11am —Guest Speaker—Fiona from Bodywise

Tuesday 19th May @ 11am —Guest Speaker- Dental Nurse

Tuesday 11th August @ 11am—Paula Lawlor—Suicide or Survive

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