Life Long Link Programme Updates

Spring 2015

We have begun to look at our Life Long Link Programme. Up until now it hasn’t really been a priority for us as we had no participants finishing up. But so far this year we have already had three participants leave and we have many others due to be finishing up with us at different stages throughout the year so it vital for us to develop a LLL programme that works.

We have tailored the Exit Questionnaire as a way of seeking out information regarding what way the participant would like to link in with us in the future (if at all). This gives us a chance to put plans into place for them so that we have appropriate programmes to offer them that tie in with their future needs or goals.

This is still very new to us  and I suppose our ultimate goal is to create a balance—maintaining to offer a full service to our currant participants while having a variety of appropriate & interesting sessions included in the Life Long Link programme.

We’ll keep you posted!

Summer 2015

The latest development with our Life Long Link Programme is a name change. It will now be called. Link Programme—this was decided during discussions with the other HUB Pilot  location and in conjunction with Carmel from the Slanu  team. The Link Programme will be launched in New Horizon on Monday 13th July @ 2pm in our Coffee Dock. The staff member initially running the Link Programme will be Jenny.

The plan is that it will feature on our timetable every Monday between 2pm and 3.30pm.

We are really excited to see how it goes  and we are hoping that it will be a success.

One Comment Add yours

  1. M.Coady says:

    Sounds great, good luck with it!

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