4 week Recovery Class

The Recovery class ran over a period of 4 weeks. It was in fact based on the WRAP which stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan by Mary Ellen Copeland.

The course was co-facilitated by Rose Jones and myself Julie.

I thought we had a nice manageable class size.

5 Key ConceptsWe touched on:


Personal Responsibility



Self Advocacy

This was followed by topics such as smart goals, lifestyle, negative thoughts to positive thoughts and self esteem. I must say we were lucky to have great participation from the group, all of whom came from New Horizon.

I have to say in co-facilitation of a group, the group mainly discusses and brainstorms the idea of recovery. Therefore facilitators just created an atmosphere of sharing of knowledge from self experience and learning. As a facilitator I had a nice part as just giving some guidelines with Rose. The participants drew up their own recovery information as part of the class/session. We asked the group what recovery means to you I must say I enjoyed it and the feedback from the participants as the course was very encouraging, worthwhile, beneficial and very interesting. We had fun exercises too using creative methodologies for the group.

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