First Few weeks in New Horizon

I’d like to share my story with you— I started 8 weeks ago and in those 8 weeks I have met a lot of new people.

New Horizon is a real family orientated environment, real easy going and the facilitators are really easy to talk to if you need anything—Always there to help.

I have my coffee dock training completed and have done many shifts.

I have also applied for 5 day co – facilitation training and I am just hoping I get a place and awaiting on the dates for the course. I am also due to complete WRAP before the year is out.

This is not new to me as I have done WRAP before with the men’s shed  in Ardmore, and again in Threshold.

Throughout, the summer months New Horizon have done a number of trips. One on which I really enjoyed was to Dundrum and Marley park we went shopping and I spend lots of money ( don’t have) in Penneys. We went for coffee which was lovely. Then we headed to Marley park for a picnic and a walk that was very brief due to the weather.

Other things I’d like to share with you are our pamper days where NO7 came out and did our make up and gave us tips and tutorials.

All of this is all a new experience for me. It’s great to get the opportunity to try something new and get involved.

It has given me the confidence to take on new things.

If I have achieved all this in eight weeks imagine what I can do next.

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