Health & Wellbeing Week 2015

Health and Wellbeing Week is approaching. It is running from the 14th -19th of September with the help of Maria Finn. We are booked in to many courses throughout the week. Our exciting week will start with the launch of Health & Wellbeing Week where we will be joined by Mayor Sarah Holland and TV presenter, Miriam O’ Callaghan. Some of us are going to do Medicinal Plants with Suzanne O’ Neill, while others will experience Reiki and Energy Healing.

Moving on to Tuesday, we have chosen not to be part of the Health Fair this year, but we will visit it nonetheless. Wednesday is another busy day for us between Tai Chi in Rua Red; Bright Ideas for Enhanced Wellbeing in Jobstown and Mindfulness in the Library. Wednesday is also the start of an 8 week course in An Cosan called NALA Health and Wellbeing for Life. Thursday we are finishing out Health and Wellbeing Week celebrations by attending Excellence in Sport. We will be joined by George Hook, Kenny Egan, Maria Louise Reilly, David O’ Callaghan and hopefully many more.

That’s how we are embracing Health & Wellbeing Week. How did you ?

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