Moving On

It’s come to that time of year when a lot of us Participants are getting ready to leave New Horizons and to start something new and hopefully exciting. From my point of view, it has been a wonderful experience being here, it has made such a difference to my life.

When I came here first , I was not good at communicating or socialising. I have come on leaps and bounds since I first started. I now have the confidence to go it alone, knowing I always have the back up of everyone in New Horizon. It was a great experience and I have learned a lot, everyday was a joy to be here. I would particularly like to mention like to mention the staff who were so kind and considerate and made life easy and fun with no pressure at all, everything a person with mental health problems needs.

Now to moving on, a lot of people have left already, to go on either to work or further education and a lot for the guidance we got here that we are all able to do these things. I myself am looking for voluntary work , which we looked up in our transition group. (It was run over a couple of weeks). This was to ease us in to things in an easy way and to have something to do when we leave. I also will have my over 55 club and my drama class to look forward to. The good thing is that we have The life long link which is where we can come in on a Monday afternoon and participate in classes. Its really a good idea, and makes moving on not so scary, as you have the back up of everyone. I will really miss everyone here and everything about New Horizons but it is time to move on and thankfully I have been given the confidence to move on.

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