My Story in New Horizon so far since 2002

New horizon to me is a great outlet, it helps me communicate with others and helps me find an outlet in my community.  Sometimes people have fears and haven’t got a lot of confidence to mix with others.  My own personal experience starting with new horizon was in 2002 at the time new horizon was a FETAC level 2 course for people who were starting out in education or maybe had left school early.  In my own experience, I had no second level education as a young teenager and dropped out of school early.

New horizon for me was a great start in my education and was a foundation for me to build on. Since I started in new horizon it gave me confidence to progress, to further my education.  I went on to do my junior cert, then my leaving cert. I then done a course in Threshold Training Network, then I went to Roslyn Park college done 3 years there where I done work experience in Gateway Project as a project worker.  I then went to Liberties College and done a year in addiction and counselling studies. I won an award in a writing competition for colleges of Dublin.  It was in New Horizon where I  learned how to write short stories and poetry. New horizon for me today is a good place for me because I am meeting people and it also gives me a chance to improve my self-esteem and give me a chance of  good positive mental health. At the present time in new horizon

There are different groups going on I find some of them were really good.  Recently we had a group on food around the World which was interesting to learn about other Countries, what they eat and spend.  I also enjoy the Gym sessions and walks to various places.   We had outings in the summer that were really good. I enjoy Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga.  I’m also going to do a course in Co facilitation with some of the other participants and staff, this gives me a chance to Co facilitate on a topic that will be beneficial to me and others.

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