Sli Na Slainte Walking Group

A group of 7 were introduced to the walking group, which is on once a week, we went to water gate park, tymon north and corkagh park etc. It was great we counted how many steps we took and try to do more every week, the most steps we achieved was walking to & around tymon north park, where we did 8,000 steps. Some weeks, we did less because driving to corkagh park took time, we did a lot of the fairy trials which were great fun, it is so peaceful and being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, it is great for your mental health and for physical health as well. You get chatting and forget what’s going on.

The walking group has been very popular throughout the summer months and we are very lucky to have so many sli na slainte walking routes on our doorstep to choose from. We are running 16 weeks of sli Na slante groups in the sept- dec timetable (obviously weather depending) We discovered many things on our walks- in corkagh park we found chickens, pigs, goats, owls. In tymon north we found the enchanted forest with fairy trials. In Marley park we found the fairy tree and wishing chair. In all the parks we walked they have outdoor gym facilities which we tried on occasions, and discovered you get a funny walking on air sensation when you get off, which is very cool.

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