Trip to Donadea Forest

The day of the trip was lovely and sunny. We drove there; it was between Clane and Kilcock. We parked up and walked along one of the trails. First we came to a huge castle, which was well preserved. You could imagine the soldiers on top with their bows and arrows protecting it. We walked a little further and stopped for a cup of tea. There was a café and two cabins alongside the benches. Dave told us that at Christmas the cabins were Santa and Mrs. Clause and the area would be filled with fairy lights and reindeer. While having tea there were several wasps, which was annoying. One of the participants was terrified and it was a little bit funny to see a grown man flap his arms at a little wasp. Unfortunately he was allergic to them.

We continued our walk in the park to our second stop, which was the replica of the Twin Towers. It was quite emotional, as on the towers were covered with names of the firefighters and policemen and women who died in the attacks. There were also trees planted for each person behind the towers in a row. We stopped there and had some lunch. It was lovely and we all talked for a while. We all enjoyed the trip.

On the way home we stopped at Castletown for a cup of tea or coffee in the Victorian tearooms. We went outside in the grounds to have our tea, the grounds were absolutely magnificent. The railings were covered with treated wood of all shapes and sizes. It began to rain so we left. All in all it was a lovely day.

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