Healthy Food Made Easy

course a few weeks ago.  It  was held in the library and was on from 10.30 to 12.30 for six weeks.   The trainers name was Fran, and he was very informative and easy to listen to, he works for the HSE.  We all got a booklet with easy to       follow recipes.  The people on the course  were encouraged to take part by asking questions and helping with the demonstrations.  I think healthy eating is very important not only for the nourishment of the body  but also for your mental health.  We had demonstrations each week and two of the audience were asked to help.  Not only did Fran cook but he also told us about nutrition and the labelling on food items.  It really pays to look at the labels before buying and food  as many of them have a very high salt and sugar content.  Fran demonstrated how to make healthy fish cakes, minestrone soup, and brown bread to name a few things.  We learned about spices and herbs which are really nice in so many dishes.  Barley is another thing which is good for you and it really bulks up soup and stews. It really encouraged me to try new things and most of them are so easy to make and not time consuming. I’m a vegetarian and he covered this as well. He also does classes in Threshold and he is doing a class here in New Horizons in the coming weeks. I would really recommend it to  everyone. You may not end up on Master Chef but at least you know your diet is good. I forgot to mention that it’s free, so if you have any spare time it is well worth doing. Bon Appetite.I completed a healthy eating

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