Holiday in Spain

I like to enjoy life and experience different things, I recently went to Valencia in Spain. Its an old city on coast of Spain, there’s lots of shopping to be done. They have loads of boutiques and big department stores like Incorte Ingles, also lots to do  from going out on walks to visiting some of the holy cathedrials or getting the city sight seeing bus they have big park which goes on for miles that was built on a river. There is a lot to do there it has museums & a lake you can go canoeing. While I was there I visited Ocean Grafico—it is  a sea world place contains ten different parks, a marina where you go through tunnels and see all different types of fish,  a garden where you can walk around and see flamingo birds, turtles, penguins and loads more. At five o’clock  a live dolphin show was on, it was very exciting I recorded it on my phone—good memories to have as the dolphins danced in sync to music, the audience also took part dancing around the pool. I decided to go for a burger and while I was there I met a guy from London his name is Paul. We went back to the city and had few drinks and tapas he is nice guy but we’re just friends he invited me to London to see the sights, maybe in the new year. It was a family holiday, one day myself and my dad got on a sightseeing bus around the city you can listen to headphones that explains the history of the city and the buildings. We stopped off at the beech were my aunts and uncles were so we all got sunbeds and lazed in sun for couple of hours. There was a lady giving massages, my uncle treated me to a back massage from the lady, it was so relaxing—I really enjoyed Valencia.

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