Ketamine: Can it cure Depression?

Myself, Michelle, Sandra and Bridget went to St Patrick’s Hospital for a talk held by Aware. The presenter was talking about a new medical experiment that they are involved in that will hopefully lead to more and more people suffering with Depression living their life to the fullest they can without the crippling symptoms. The criteria for the participants are quite strict. A participant needs to have been through electric shock treatment and cured of depression. Then they need to consent to be a participant. Unfortunately from April to October, 49 possible participants were dwindled down to only 3. Ketamine is currently used to put patients to sleep for operations and as a pain reliever.

The experiment has 40 participants, 20 would be put on Ketamine and the other 20 on a placebo drug. It is vital that none of the participants know which drug they are on, in fact only the person administering the drug will know who is on what drug. The drug will be administered one day a week for four weeks and it takes 40 minutes to administer. After the four weeks the participants continue taking their own prescribed drugs for the next six months. There will be five times they will be monitored during the six months and the findings will be recorded. Hopefully this drug will soon be available for patients in the near future.

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