My Transition

I will be leaving New Horizon in December, but I intend on be part of the Link Programme and come in each Monday afternoon so my transition will not be too bad. I have really enjoyed my time here, it has made a really positive outlook to my life. I have signed up with Volunteer Ireland and am waiting to hear back from them. I would like to work with elderly people in some capacity or work in a charity shop. I had an interview in Threshold for the Out and About Programme—Peer Support. What it entails is going out on a social outing every fortnight for 2 hours. They try to match you up with someone of similar interests and age. I got on well in the interview and I think I am starting in the New Year. It is going on for 6 months but if you make a friend it is up to yourself  whether to continue seeing them. I am looking forward to doing it. I am also going to keep up my Drama classes in An Cosan and my Over 55’s Group also in An Cosan. I should have enough to keep me going and occupy my mind.

I will miss you all, you have become like a family, staff included.


See you all on Mondays!

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