Poetry Corner

The photograph is of sentimental value and remembrance in a picture frame.

Everything changes in life except the photograph as it always remains the same.

This little icon has been part of the historical media for over one hundred years.

As it captures the imagination of the World bringing laughter and some tears.

Unfortunately the photograph discloses the devastation of poverty and war.

It can leave us feeling emotional about someone we dislike or someone we adore.

The photograph can remind us of a special moment or take you back to a sacred place.

Technology is advancing the photograph is showing us other planets the moon and space.

For many decades’ magazines have being revealing Hollywood’s glamour. Glitz and Style.

If you are down in the dumps by looking at a photograph can help bring back your smile.

For years the photograph has brought us the greatest sporting games making us feel apart.

So no matter who you are or what happens in life the photograph could be the key your heart.

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