Our Trip to Glasnevin Cemetery

It was a beautiful sunny day, but cold for our trip to Glasnevin Cemetery, but we were grateful as the days that surrounded it were not the best, but the sun shone through and it was great.

So there we were all packed in our people carrier and comfortably travelling to Glasnevin, we went the m50 way which took half an hour and were on time for our tour. We first went into the reception where there was a shop where we waited for the tour to start and we browsed around looking at books, posters, clothes and even some jams.

We started our 1916 tour at 9.30 starting off with Daniel O’Connells tomb which is under the tall round tower which was awesome.


We then went to Parnell’s grave which is in the middle of the cholera pit!


We then toured around the graveyard of other famous people who were part of the 1916 rising and saw DeValera’s grave where he is buried with his son. We finished up with viewing Michael Collins grave, the most visited grave in Glasnevin.



We then got some tea and coffee and relaxed and I even got some sun burn on my nose and face.

We then traveled back to the centre and that was that.

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