Next week starts week 1 our new 16 week timetable. There is great excitement and buzz about the centre.


We have new sessions on ‘Explorers’ to look forward to, first one starting on Monday about ‘Shackelton’(info sessions).

Monday also starts our Environmental Studies classes with one on ‘Continents of the world and their biggest feature’.

Our Link programme continues on Monday.

We are upping the stakes in our health and fitness with 2 sessions weekly falling on Monday & Tuesday this week.

Transition group makes an appearance in week 1 giving support and guidance to those coming to the end of their 2 years in New Horizon Hub.

Book Club continues on Tuesday this time facilitated by a staff member which will hopefully get more out of the group and share in the knowledge of our already dedicated book worms.

Peersharing Movie group continues with ‘O Brother Where Art Thou’ on Tuesday morning in Rua Red.

Wednesday continues with peersharing swimming in Tallaght Leisure Centre.

A very excited group are heading out to Collins Barracks for another 1916 outing.

A co-facilitation Current Affairs class with a participant and staff member is taking place on Wednesday.

Thursday business as usual with CATCH community, keyworkers and Catch Mapping.

Friday ends the week with our Hub Buzz section where we plan and look forward to the week ahead.


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