Two Day WRAP Programme in New Horizon

The WRAP programme is there for you to practice on a regular basis and helps you deal with your mental health and take control.  WRAP stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan and was founded by an American lady Mary Ellen Copeland and a group of people who had poor ill health.

There are six key aspects of WRAP – Wellness Tools, Daily Maintenance Plan, Identifying Triggers and Action Plan, Identifying Early Warning Signs and Action Plan, Signs that Things are Breaking Down and Action Plan, Crisis Planning and Post Crisis Planning.  WRAP will help you stay as well as possible when dealing with difficult behaviours and feelings.  It also gives you the tools and strength to reach out to others when you can’t make decisions for yourself and keep you safe.  You can list a set of Wellness tools that might help you and keep you motivated and well. Also when you are not doing well and are experiencing poor ill health WRAP helps you as you have action plans of what you need to do.

Since completing the WRAP two day training I realised some of the tools I am doing and not doing to have good positive mental health. Some of my main tools I use are journaling and working out in the gym. These are important to me and WRAP has helped me see when I am doing well.   The two facilitators on the two days really presented the WRAP programme clearly and were assertive.  I would recommend the WRAP to anyone who is tired of feeling depressed or has poor ill health.

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