Creative Corner

We would like to introduce you to our creative corner. Each week a group get together and put together a few lines on topics of their choice. Enjoy the collection.


I would like to be in Hungary because when my mother was alive, she used to make me Hungarian Goulash, and I’d like to be in a stadium to watch Hungary play football and I think back to the ‘80s when I was hungry and got onion rings in the chipper for free when Italy won the 1982 World Cup.


I started a new book this week, I find it hard to remember the name and author but there was a joke…

Two men meet at the pearly gates.

Man 1 asked ‘How did you die?’

Man 2 ‘ I was running around my house and had a heart attack’

Man 1 ‘Why were you running around your house?’

Man 2 ‘ I knew my wife was having an affair, so I went home in the early afternoon to catch her out. There she was in bed naked, reading a book. I ran and checked all the cupboards, the bedroom, then I went downstairs, running to check the basement, the kitchen, the garden. I thought he might be in the attic so I ran upstairs. I just got there when I had a heart attack. How about you?’

Man 1 ‘ It’s a pity you didn’t check the freezer then we would both be alive!!’


I would love to be able to fly for a day. I would fly over where I live; where I go on my course, over the city through the countryside, over the sea, over my friend and family etc. I would be happy and free and would fly at great speed so I could fit in as much as possible in one day.


Sometimes people have ideas that certain wild animals will make good pets. This is, I think, a misguided view. I believe animals should be left in their own natural habitat.

Some pet animals kept in captivity such as chimps can be dangerous and are much stronger than human beings. Chimps are known to get more aggressive as they get older. When my niece was in Thailand on holidays, a pet monkey bit her finger while she petted it. She had to go to hospital to get a tetanus injection.


My favourite actors are Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. They have been making movies over the past fifty years.

Living legends would aptly describe both actors. They cover every genre of acting, ie: serious acting comedy, method acting. It is only recently that they have acted together in the same movie. They both acted in The Godfather but did not share any scenes together. Heat was the first film where both actors shared a memorable scene in a restaurant; Pacino played the detective, De Niro the bank robber.


If I had a superpower, I think I’d like to fly. The ability just to be able to fly around the clouds. The peace, the beauty. To go anywhere without any trouble. The view would be amazing. The freedom.


I like fashion. People are always complimentary towards me.


What Makes Me Smile: My Grandkids, I love when they are in my house. I forget about everything. It makes me happy to see them; my whole mood lights up. I love all children. I like to work with them.


I Wish I Was a Seagull

Flying High Above the Sky

Sounds Like They’re Singing

To Their Heart’s Content

As We Sleep Soundly in Our Tents

The Sea So Blue

The Sand So White

It’s Hot, We could Sit Here and Relax All Night.


My experience of New Horizon has been an out and out good one.

Everybody is so nice and have never given me bad vibes. The centre is in an industrial estate in a place called Broomhill.

The activities in New Horizon are all positive, with different sorts of groups. At the moment, we are learning about a famous man called Shackleton, an explorer from England, but born in Ireland. I would give him a gander. It is very interesting what they set out to do and what really happened. We do other subjects like Biology to name one. Also, the dinners we are treated to are delicious, as we are lucky to have an experienced, good chef. I would also like to say that the staff are very friendly, outgoing people and always there to help.

I will leave you now, and hope you found the blog interesting.

Peace and Love


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