My First Time as a Co-Facilitator in Creative Writing

After completing the Co- Facilitation forty hours training in Bru Caoimhin I started as a Co-Facilitator in creative writing.  There were three classes to start with and there is more classes coming up in the next time table.

I attend a creative writing class myself I’m hoping to get my own book of poems and short stories published.

At the start of each class we were reading some of my poems and a short story.  To show other participants in the class that you can start from basic learning with no education growing up.  I started out ten years ago in New Horizon doing spellings, reading and writing short stories. After a short time I started writing poems and have a wide range of poems and short stories.

The creative class is good ways to get your mind thinking with some of the exercises are not too hard get you writing again.

On a personal level I enjoyed the Co-Facilitation especially facilitating creative writing.  Creative is a good class to attend its relaxing and there is no pressure and it’s a bit of fun.

My Co – Facilitator in the class was very helpful and I thought we worked as Co – Facilitators very well and presented the class with structure and good timing. My overall view and experience in Co – Facilitation is positive just a few things to improve on the class evaluation was positive which is good.

Hopefully it will continue in creative writing and other topics.

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