The Big Spring Clean in New Horizon

It is spring time again and traditionally it’s the big clean up in New Horizon.

Everyone participates in the big clean up participants, staff and the manager.  Each staff member had a small group of participants working with them.

The garden was the biggest clean-up which David and his group worked very hard.  The garden and the side of the building look really good, neat and tidy.  New Horizon is going to plant flowers and keeps it looking well David is the staff member looking after that.

As the Twentieth anniversary of New Horizon is coming up in August and the garden and grounds will look great.  I know every staff member worked hard Rosin, Karol and Ann looked after the inside of the building.  The two lofts, recreation room, administration room, coffee dock and computer room are all looking brand new and fresh.

A lot of work and effort went into the spring clean-up even the cleaning lady was impressed when she seen the work that went into it.

It was great to see participants and staff taking pride in their workplace.  The building is a great place for people to come and with the big clean-up it is very presentable for its cleanliness.

So well done to everyone, who took part in making the effort to improve their workplace.

New Horizon is a healthy and positive Hub and is a very clean environment.

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