My 50th Birthday

Adults in our family don’t really have parties unless they are decade birthdays, i.e: 30, 50, or half decades (45, 55).

My 50th party was a surprise arranged by my husband. He bought my favourite cake & champagne and dropped them off in the village pub. We have a mobile home (van on halting site) in Wexford. On the evening of my birthday I was not going to go to the village but my daughter made me put some makeup on. My husband had told all the people on the site and the locals. I was there about half an hour when, Helen, the owner, brought in cake with lots of candles. Everybody sang Happy Birthday. Then out came the champagne & strawberries. I was mortified and felt so loved and so happy that he had arranged everything. Helen even brought out her special wedding champagne glasses for us.


Missing You

Missing you Dad, love you so much,

You’re my rock, my best friend, my special friend.


One time, on going to school when I was very young, there was a dog who followed me. He looked like a cross breed, between a greyhound and God knows what. I think he was a stray and he would follow me everywhere. After school, I would feed him sandwiches that I didn’t eat. One time I was with my mother, we were walking to the shops and as usual the dog would follow. On crossing the road, the dog was nearly knocked down. I felt bad for the poor animal. I felt quite sad. I don’t know what happened after that but I hope he was not harmed or anything. And I guess he just fazed out of my life.


A time in my life when I was brave was when I was in an accident. I was knocked down in a road traffic accident as a pedestrian. I ended up in a coma for six weeks and had serious injuries: a broken pelvis, broken ribs, had broken my left leg in four places. My left ankle and right foot also had injuries. I lost eight pints of blood. I was crippled, in a wheelchair for four months. It took me two years to walk again and a lot of physiotherapy. The reason I am writing of this experience is because I was brave in the trauma I suffered and in the physical and emotional pain of it. I feel that this was a time in my life where I had to dig deep and be brave.



True friends are people who stay around even in tough times. This is the test of true friends. Fair weather friends are a dime-a-dozen; they can never be depended upon. True friends can be depended upon in all situations. I’m so grateful that I have quite a few really good friends. I enjoy their company on an evening out or hosting an evening at home.

True friends last a lifetime.



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  1. goirtineve says:

    Great writing in this post!

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