Green Ribbon Campaign

To celebrate Green Ribbon Month and raise awareness, a group of us from the centre went into town on Thursday the 19th of May. We all met up outside Jervis shopping centre at 9.45am and though it rained we were all motivated by what we were to do. We were to distribute 600 envelopes containing a green ribbon, information about New Horizon’s blog & EVE’s website, and a free teabag, coffee sachet and a treat to ‘have a cuppa on us’.

We had previously prepared for the day by assembling the envelopes over the previous while to ensure the package was nicely presented to the public. This took time but was coordinated very well and we were all set for Thursday morning. We fortified ourselves with a coffee in McDonald’s prior to hitting the streets. We set out from the middle of Henry Street and approached passersby with a greeting of ‘have a cuppa on us’ or ‘Green Ribbon – mental health awareness’. Most people proved friendly and receptive showing the level of awareness is already growing apace. Some showed a particular interest and asked questions or showed a curiosity. We roved as far as the Spire and down O’Connell Street and all 600 envelopes were distributed in less than 35 mins. Some people were already aware of the campaign while others needed to inquire about what it was all about.

The purpose of the campaign is to increase the knowledge of people of mental health conditions and get people talking about the subject. As mental health affects us all or those close to us, a public campaign is particularly relevant. I hope people take the time to consult the information we gave them or to wear the green ribbon in support of those affected by mental health. Even those who were not immediately interested or might think such issues do not affect them will have a little bit more awareness through our efforts.

All in all, it was a very successful morning and I think we were all satisfied that we had made a contribution to the raising of consciousness on the issue.


Unfortunately due to the wet weather we didn’t manage to get any photos of us distributing our envelopes in town, maybe next year!!

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