Creative Corner June 2016

He turned the key in the lock and opened the door. To his horror he saw his room had been ransacked. He was only back from a holiday in the Caribbean. He had all of his life savings in a locked press, 40,000 euro and all of it taken. His pet poodle had been poisoned. His TV and DVD recorder was gone. The poor man was 92 and was very frail and old. He was in a state of shock. His walls had all been spray painted.


I can be more confident and happy

I will keep trying to stop smoking

I believe things have a way of working out

I wish Ireland will beat Italy tonight




The asteroid was hurtling towards earth and the astrologer was freaking out. They were thinking should they tell the public? But they decided not to.  ‘So what now?’ the astrologer said and the other said that they’re going to have to do an Armageddon, get some from experts, fly to the asteroid drill  hole and plant a massive bomb.

To hear the rest, watch the movie. It all works out in the end except some of them died.


I can do yoga

I will be at peace some day

I believe I’m a good person

I wish I was really well




I can walk, run

I believe in God

I wish upon a star

I will be good



I believe that God is truly supreme in every way, in all of creation. In certain times bad things could happen if people do not keep their faith and be good and loving to people and their family and friends. And be humble to the church.

I can play snooker

I will go on a holiday

I believe in God in every way

I wish on a star




My earliest memories of faith and religion are of when I was an altar boy at the age of 12. Our family would go to 10 mass on Sunday morning. I would serve at the mass, sometimes doing readings. I remember making my Holy Communion and Confirmation. I would visit aunts, uncles and I got a new outfit for each occasion. We took pictures of each event; it brings back happy memories when I see them in the photobook.


I can cut down on my daily treats of chocolate. I will keep trying to give up cigarettes.

I believe in friendships. I wish that Ireland beats Italy in the Euros.







There are three children sitting on a log near a stream. One of them, Cathy says to Chloe, ‘the stars look very bright tonight, the sky is so clear’, Chloe replies, ‘they are like diamonds shimmering in the night sky.’ Chloe looks to see the bright yellow moon rising on the horizon. Cathy says God must be very wise and powerful to be able to create such a beautiful sight.


I can play guitar when I’m feeling well.

I will watch Ireland playing Italy tonight.

I believe Jesus is coming back soon.

I wish I had my full health back.




The Most Beautiful Smile I Ever Saw

I grew up in a very rough neighbourhood. I was picked upon on the streets and in school all the time. I could not even go to the local shop without being bullied. I had no friends and knew nobody like me. One day I was going to the shop and as I was walking up the street I noticed a group of people playing across the street. I looked over and saw a beautiful girl. She looked over and gave me a beautiful smile. I knew right then and there I was going to marry her. We started dating and five years later we got married. We are now 31 years married with 2 children and 4 grandchildren, all from a smile.






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