My Course in An Cosan

I started two years ago in An Cosan doing a community development course. I had a look at the Modules for the course and realized that I had knowledge in some of these subjects from the Hub here in New Horizon. I may mention 3 modules/subjects of my course choice of Community Development. They are Management Committee Skills, Community Development. The theory was interesting but I also enjoyed working in groups doing practical work in the community, liaising with services etc.

The second year we did subjects such as Sociology and Social Science including Addiction Studies which I found interesting. We so often hear of the problem of addictions but are we aware of the services in the community that can support and help people with addictions and their families? Some of these services were set up by mothers and fathers of family members with drug addictions. There was a drastic need for this. I would say for these services there was goodwill in the heart of the community to work voluntarily and to set up services, eventually getting funding and provision of much needed facilities, eg. Jobstown. This must have been a great achievement for those involved in community development.

It’s a two year FETAC level 5 course. I love class work and like to contribute as much as I can. The students are nice and friendly and I am glad to be part of the class in An Cosan College.

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