Movie Review

One of our sessions last week was to watch a Well-being Movie and after the movie the participants were asked to review it. Here is what a few participants thought of the film.

Inside I’m Dancing

It made me feel how lucky I am not to have a disability like theirs. I do not know if I would be able to cope with it. The film was very funny at times, very sad and very emotional. It brought up a lot of feelings within me about how would I cope, would I be strong enough? Would I have what it takes to fight for my rights? It also shows if you want something bad enough, you will learn all about your situation. Whether it be mental health or physical health, we should know all our rights. And question doctors, they are not God, they make mistakes. The two lads were well educated and learned all they could about their situation. So in their own way were able to fight back.

Inside I’m Dancing

I watched a film called Inside I’m Dancing in New Horizon. The film was about these two people that were confined to wheelchairs. One of them had Muscular Dystrophy and the other had Cerebral Palsy. The both of them were in a home. They went into town to fund raise and they got a load of money and they met these two girls in a pub and started talking to them. They used their money on buying drinks for the two girls and they all got drunk. It was very funny. On the way home from the pub they got soaking wet from the rain. They met another girl in the pub and they got to know her. She worked in Tesco’s and they asked her would she like a job as a personal assistant to care for them. She said yes and she looked after them. There was a very sad ending: one of the guys died in the end. The whole film I thought was very moving. It had a very emotional effect on me. It shows you that you should appreciate what you have in your life, e.g. your limbs, your home, that you’re able to walk.


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