20 years and counting!!


On Thursday the 11th of August we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the opening of New Horizon. We had the pleasure of welcoming lots of people from other centres and colleagues in the local community to share this day with us. On arrival people were greeted and offered our celebratory punch.


Everyone then got to share their own hopeful statement on a tag which we attached to one of our 20 multi-coloured helium balloons which at the end of the event we released into the community of Tallaght to the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow”.


We were treated to a BBQ feast by William and David and nobody went home hungry. The aroma could be smelt for miles away!


Unfortunately the weather didn’t play ball and we all had to come inside for the speeches and the cutting of our celebratory cake. We had a number of speakers who spoke about New Horizon over the years. We had past and present participants sharing their inspiring stories which we could relate to. This was finished off with a poem written by Patrick on New Horizons history.


We wrapped up the day by eating cake and watching our balloons disappearing into the horizon. For anyone who took one of our handmade Resilience Bags, we hope you found them pleasant.

DSCF3157 (2)

We hope everyone enjoyed our day as much as us. Thank you so much for sharing this special occasion with us.

“Here’s to the next 20 Years!”


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