20th Anniversary Art Projects

New Horizon Hub was looking forward to its big day on the 11th August. For months all at New

Horizons were getting ready and working hard for the Anniversary. The art teacher came in to the centre to help us make and put things together.


We started by making a cardboard tree, we cut out our hand prints with heavy card and wrote something hopeful on them. Then we made the trunk of the tree with them. Margaret the teacher brought in a big board we painted the sky and the grass on it. Then we stuck the trunk to the

board, using our cut out hands to decorate the trunk. We made the leaves from different green

coloured crepe paper. It looked very good, it turned out that people wanted their photos with the tree of hope.




We then made wooden letters and painted them all different colours. We made

them into words – HOPE, DREAM, BELIEVE – and put them into the flower bed. Most people at the Anniversary party told me that everything we made looked really well.




We are all looking forward to Margaret coming back into us to do more art.


One Comment Add yours

  1. evetuiscint says:

    Looks like you had a great day guys, love the art works. Congrats!

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