Feel Good Day

I have never heard of a feel good day before. As I was very low for some time I was looking forward to the Big Day. We were all in early that day and very excited to find out what we were going to be doing. We were all put into groups and all the groups got to do all the same things.

My group started with colouring and art, I love this class as it really relaxes me. We made colourful flowers and we wrote positive things on them and hung them on the wall, called the Garden of Strengths.


Next group went to Tymon Park for a lovely walk and some fresh air. I didn’t know that the park was so big, there was lots of walkways and a big lake, there was a bridge over the M50 motorway that lead to another part of the park that had a playground and a forest for the children to play. Then it was time to return to the centre for dinner. Then the group had a relaxation class, it was a great way to end wind down the day.

Overall it was a great day and hopefully we will have more Feel Good Days.

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