EVE Pool Tournament

We here in New Horizon entered a pool competition with eight other centres. There were five people per team and it was best of five games wins the match. Our first match was with Tuiscint, we played away and they were cup holders from last year. They had their own pool table, so we thought they would be much better than us. I was first up to play. People were all standing around the table. It was very nerve wracking. I started off well and I knew I could win but made a mistake and potted the black and lost the match.

Our team won the next three games and lost the last game, so we won 3-2. Our next match was with Thomas Court, again, we won 3-2 but we were very lucky to do so. We had one more match to play in our group and if we win we go through to the final. We were playing Cherryfield who beat Thomas Court 5-0. We started by losing our first game, but went on to win the next three games. We then lost our last game, but went on to win 3-2.

We are now in the final. There will be a BBQ on the day. Let’s hope we bring back the cup!



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  1. M.Coady says:

    Well done New horizon, looking forward to the Final!!!1

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