Our Creative Writing Classes

It was Monday the 30th of August that creative writing started in  New Horizon. The teachers name is Maureen. The class started off with an introduction. I was never introduced to a style of writing like it before. The writing was focused on description of father’s and mother’s hands. How they helped and nurtured you. I wrote about my father dying young and my mother reared a young family on her own. The exercise focused on description and emotion as well as memories. The class was interesting.

The first exercise was to write about the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen. It brought back memories of meeting a girl on a train, remembering her smile and talking to her for a couple of minutes, never to see her again. The class was interesting and I would attend the creative writing again. It is good for working and exercising the mind. It’s a great way of expressing what and how you see things.

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