Hearing Voices Talk

It was Wednesday the 24th of August.  The hearing voices seminar talk took place in Bru Chaomhin, Cork Street.  I would say there were forty to fifty people in attendance.  The speakers name was Sarah she, is an Occupational Therapist.  She started with an introduction making everyone feel welcome and comfortable, creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Sarah started the talk by stating that hearing voices is not just confined to schizophrenia.  She also stated that some of the most famous people and icons like Anthony Hopkins, lady GaGa, Jesus Christ, Christopher Columbus to mention a few had experiences of hearing voices.  Sarah also mentioned that nearly every person in the World has experience of hearing voices, by hearing an echo or someone calling them.  This includes Doctors, Psychotherapists, actors the list goes on.

Sarah played a short video of a lady Psychotherapist who suffered from panic attacks due to hearing voices.  She learned how to live with the voices by starting to communicate with them.  She went to University and got the highest grades in America, not bad for someone who was supposed to be nuts.  She stated from her story that people who have experience of hearing voices should never give up hope on life. They can have a future like everyone else.

Sometimes the voices you hear can be connected to how you’re feeling.  Like if you’re feeling good the voices will say good things if you’re feeling low they are inclined to say bad things.  They can be uplifting and also disheartening.   At the end of the Seminar we had tea and sandwiches.  The Seminar was uplifting and was explaining how someone can really suffer as a result of hearing voices but there is hope….


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