Truckfest 2016

The yearly truck show in Mondello racing track was held on the 3rd and 4th of September. Myself and my grandson Liam, and his dad drove down on Sunday morning to see the show, we arrived at noon, so we had a good six hours to look around and enjoy ourselves.

There were hundreds of trucks on show, the drivers put so much work into getting the trucks looking so good. As I have worked as a truck driver for 25 years I have a great interest in showing my grandson all the different types of trucks. Some of the drivers let Liam into their trucks and take some photos.

Then it was time for the truck racing. They were powerful trucks and the noise was something else!  The drivers came from all over Europe. They raced at very high speeds and a lot of smoke came from their tyres. They raced for ten laps, an English driver won the race.

The drifting cars came out next. The drove the eight cars at very high speeds in a line and as they passed the grandstand they put a car into a spin and drove sideways. The car was full of smoke, the drivers had a lot of nerve and great skill. My grandson taught it was the best thing ever.

We then went for another walk around as we did it brought back some memories of when I drove trucks for a living. Liam wanted me to buy him a toy truck from the many stalls that were there but they were all over 100 euro, they must have been collectors items. We did find a stall that had some trucks for 15 euro but they were very small and made of plastic but Liam would not leave without one!

We went for something to eat, while Liam and his dad were eating I took five minutes for myself and had a lovely pint of Guinness in the bar. Then we heard the roar of an American Wascar which is owned by the owner of Mondello . The classic car rally was up next. There were about twenty old time cars, it was great fun to watch them fighting for their place before they went into a corner, it was won by a BMW car. The show was coming to an end so all the trucks in the show came onto the track and made Ireland’s largest convoy. It was a great day out, it is something that Liam nor I will ever forget.


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