EVE Pool Tournament Final 2016

The pool final was on Thursday 22nd of September between New Horizon and Castleview and was hosted by Ard Nua in Finglas. The week before was very exciting in New Horizon as the pool players and there coach would meet in the coffee dock and chat about how we would play the game. The big day came and we were all looking forward to playing in the final.

We arrived at Ard Nua at 10:30 am and we were made very welcome by everyone. We had time to have a tea and coffee and have a look around. The building was very big with plenty of room for everyone there must have been at least 80 people there and we were treated with respect by all. Then the game started it was the best of five games win. But first we shock hands and took photos with Castleview.


Game on the place went very quiet we needed to get off to a good start which we did and won the first game. The next game was very close but Castleview won, they also won the 3rd game. So at 2-1 we needed to win the next game badly which we did. So at 2-2 it was anyone’s game, the crowd played a great part all through the games and got our hearts beating really fast and they clapped for every good shot. The last game was very tense it was 50-50 until Castleview made a mistake that cost them the game and the final. So the winner of the pool compaction 2016 is New Horizon Hub.

DSCF3197 (2).JPG

Everyone was wishing us well and we were presented with a trophy which will be engraved with our name. The Ard Nua chef and staff put on a lovely lunch and there was plenty for everyone. The journey home with the trophy was great fun and we all had a sense of pride. We arrived at New Horizon centre and everyone was delighted for our win. I think the pool tournament was a great way to meet our fellow peers in the other centres. I look forward to meeting everyone next year.

Bye for now

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  1. M.Coady says:

    Congratulations again to you all in New Horizon! Glad you all enjoyed the day, we were delighted to host!

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