Walk and Talk

Here at New Horizon, we started a new programme called Walk and Talk. The idea is to go out into the community and find places of interest, for example: community centres, training centres, health centres, counselling and support groups, banks, churches, resource centres and much more.

Last Thursday, a group of us with a staff member went on our first walk. We were given a map of Tallaght Village and all the places we were to find. As we left the centre, we headed towards the Greenhills Road. Gemma, the staff member, told me she hadn’t been to Tallaght Village before, so I enjoyed showing her around and talking about everything we had seen. As we approached Tallaght Village, we took photos of everything we thought was of interest to people.

Back at the centre, people were looking up information we needed on the internet. It was a lovely sunny day for a walk. We walked through Tallaght Village, the Village green around by the College, down the Belgard Road on to Airton Road and back to the centre. It was a most enjoyable morning. All the information we gather goes up on the wall. We have many areas to cover over the coming weeks.

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