Women’s Grp Outing

As part of the women’s group outing we went to Dun Laoghaire and Bray. We left the centre at about 9.30am and we arrived in Sandy cove at about 10 am. We walked around to the 40foot where years ago it was only men that were allowed to swim and they would swim naked. I was surprised at the amount of people that were swimming there on that morning. Then we went to the harbour and walked the promenade. It was a beautiful morning, really fresh and sunny. It was unusual for the time of year. I told the others about the swimming race that was in the harbour a few weeks previous that I watched and I expressed my awe at all the people swimming that length. It was an interesting walk; it brought back a lot of fond memories for me, especially the tall ships that were docked on the Liffey, as they were leaving Dublin.

We went into the centre to see if they still had an angel shop, but unfortunately it was closed down. I was surprised at the amount of shops that were closed. On the third floor it was especially bleak looking with all the shutters down. However, on the third floor we spotted a little quant pub where we had a sandwich and tea. It was really relaxing and the food was gorgeous and inexpensive. We then went to find a shop Rosin told us about but landed in Pennys instead, we were easily distracted. Dun Laoghaire was fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We got back to the car at about 1 o’clock so we decided to go out to Bray and walk along the promenade and get dinner in one of the cafés out there.



We arrived in Bray and again such a wonderful day to go. Bray was much livelier with people walking their dogs, and children in the playground. We stopped to have a go of one of the swings which was really funny and brought back fond memories for me. Poor Lydia was afraid when I pushed her on the swing. We then went into a fast food restaurant with a superb view of the sea. We ate till we were quite full; it is amazing how hungry you get walking on the beach. Then we walked down to the car to go home. I was telling the others about some of the shops in the town and Sharon saw an angel shop so we parked up and went into that shop. It was the icing on the cake; the shop was so serene, very peaceful and mystical. Then we went home, we arrived home at about 6.30pm that evening and I’m sure we all slept like babies that night. A trip that will never be repeated, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it. On the way home we took a beautiful picture that ended the day perfectly.


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