Guest Speaker – Liah talks on ‘Understanding Schizophrenia’

Liah came to have a talk to us about understanding Schizophrenia. I was very interested as I didn’t understand anything about the condition and there are some people in the centre have it.

She began by asking us what aspect of the condition we wished to discuss. She informed us that there are loads of books wrote on the topic and she has so much that she could tell us about the condition as she has been working with people for years with the illness. It was a great way for participants to ask questions that were on their minds with regards to their own situation.

She went through the signs and symptoms of the condition. I learnt a lot about the condition and have now a better insight to what the suffers go through. Before the talk I felt quite afraid of someone who had the condition because I didn’t know about it.

There is still unfortunately a stigma associated with mental health. I think secondary schools should teach the youngsters about the condition as it is very scary to develop symptoms and the condition manifests itself from an early age with a lot of sufferers. I have much more of an understanding of the illness; it makes a difference when we can have these talks so we can comprehend what others on the course are feeling.

I can’t wait for the next talk that Liah will be doing regardless of the topic.

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