My Time at New Horizon

I’m about to complete my two years duration at New Horizon as a full participant. It’s been a very enjoyable time I’d have to say. It’s over six years since I had to give up work as I couldn’t cope with its demands along with my illness. Since then I’ve floundered on occasions but New Horizon has been a firm anchor for my time here. I didn’t expect to be so stimulated by the variety of activities on offer here. Much of the success of New Horizon has to go to the facilitators and staff in being uniquely sensitive to the needs of participants. I’m sure some of this is part of their character but a lot also results from hard work put in behind the scenes. This all filters through to the participants and creates a harmonious environment in which to learn and grow. New Horizon has made me aware that I’m limited to some degree by my difficulties while allowing me at the same time to explore my potential to the full. Not that it’s all been plain sailing: I’ve struggled at times with internal motivation and concentration while on the course and want to thank my keyworkers and facilitators and Anne for having patience with me on this. I’ve learnt too from participants that though we all have unique identities we still share a lot of common ground through our experiences. Several times, participants also helped to raise my spirits when I was feeling low.

 It would not be an exaggeration to say I felt privileged to be a participant here and always felt glad when I made it to the centre. I’ve made some good friends here and want to maintain contact with the centre through the Link Programme. I should also forge links by attending an EVE clubhouse. Lastly, I would especially like to thank New Horizon for allowing me to write book reviews on our blog. It’s been a kind of ‘fantasy book reviewing’ for me as I’ve been allowed to choose the books and been given free rein with my reviewing. I hope to still make the odd contribution to the blog in this regard, through the Link Programme. In sum, thanks for all the support I’ve gained through New Horizon for the last two years and best wishes for all participants!

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