A personal story – “The Present”

As part of our Creative Corner one of our participant’s wishes to share a personal story on living in the present. This story is written from the heart and we hope you find it as thought provoking and inspiring as us.

“The Present”

One of the hardest things to do is to stay in the present moment; I have spent so much time living in the past and thinking of the future.

When you suffer from depression, your thoughts go round and round and that always puts me in a very low mood and I think of a way out of this life of misery.

In New Horizon I enjoy doing art, but it is only in the last few weeks that I realised that when I was doing art, I was totally getting lost in the present moment and I was able to express my feelings with paint by mixing different colour’s to suit my mood.

So, I got to thinking, if I can stay in the present when I am doing art maybe I can do this in other parts of my life. When I am in New Horizon I try my best not to think of anything outside and I enjoy myself much more when I stay in the present moment.

I have noticed that I have more time for myself and everyone around me. I have started doing art with my grandchildren at home and I was amazed by the way they played in the present moment. So, at what point in our lives do we lose the ability to stay in the present? We can all learn a great deal from children; we don’t give them the credit they deserve.

We can’t change the past and we have no control over the future. I can get much more out of life when I live in the present!

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