Operation Transformation In New Horizon

We have started back on Operation Transformation at the start of January and it has been very successful. We are doing exercise sessions, cookery groups, healthy eating information sessions, we are watching the leaders weekly for inspiration and where wanted we are doing weekly weigh ins!


Dave has been and continues to be a great motivator and a very good instructor in the gym.

We go in to the gym twice a week, and start with cardio exercise, moving on then to muscle building exercise for the upper body then the lower body. We always finish off doing stretching exercises.


Those of us involved keep up with the O.T TV program every Friday morning.


Weekly we keep a close eye on the menus available on the O.T. website. Bernadette and some of the participants have tried out some of the recipes included in the O.T program. We made chicken burritos, vegetable enchiladas and our foolproof Brown Bread (see the blog for the recipe and pictures). They were all very tasty and healthy.


It has helped me to lose weigh 13lbs in all.

Let me encourage others to get involved.

In O.T. it will help you lose weight, help your mental health and thus increase your hearth.


From the O.T. participants of New Horizon Hub   

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