Poetry – The Healthiest Couple

We thought we would share this poem with you all that we here in New Horizon Hub found very enjoyable, reminding us at this time with health and fitness firmly at the forefront of our mind it’s important to have a little bit of fun too!!!

They brush and they floss

With care every day

But not before breakfast

Of both curds and whey

He jogs for his heart

She bikes for her nerves

They assert themselves daily

With appropriate verve

He is loving and tender

And caring and kind

Not one chauvinist thought

Is allowed in his mind

They are slim and attractive

Well dressed and just fun

They are strong and well-immunized

Against everything under the sun

They are sparkling and lively

And having a ball

Their diet high fibre

And low cholesterol

Cocktails are avoided

In favour of juice

Cigarettes are shunned

As one would the noose

They drive their car safely

With belts well in place

At home not one hazard

Ever will they face

1.2 children they raise

Both sharing the job

One is named betty

.2 is named bob

And when at the age of

Two hundred and three

They jog from this life

To one still more free

They’ll pass through those portals

To claim their reward

And St.Peter will stop them

“just for a word”

“what ho” he will say

“you cannot go in

This place is reserved

For those without sin”

“but we’ve followed the rules”

She”ll say WITH a fright

“we’re healthy

near perfect

and incredibly bright”

“but that’s it” will say Peter

Drawing himself tall

“you missed the point of living

By thinking so small”

“life is more than health habits,

Though useful they be

It is purpose and meaning,

and grand mystery”

“you’ve discovered a part

Of what makes humans whole

And mistaken that part

For the shape of the soul”

“you are fitter than fiddles

And sound as a bell,

Self-righteous, intolerant

And boring as hell”

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