Trip out to play Pool

Last Wednesday Dave, one of our instructors organised a trip for a group of participants’ to go to the Leisure plex at the village green in Tallaght.

We left New horizon at 2pm and walked down to the Leisure plex. The choices were pool or bowling. Most of the group wanted to play pool, so that was what we decided to play.

We paid for three tables. We brought the cues and balls down to the pool area. We then split up into three smaller groups. There were three games going on at the same time. We played about five games each altogether. Everybody seemed to enjoy the games.

After the hour on the tables our time was up. We headed back up to the reception desk to bring back the cues and the balls.

Dave then suggested a few games of air hockey. I played Dave, but he got lucky and only bet me by five Goals!

Despite the air hockey defeat it was an enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. And the rest of the group seemed to think so too. We all thanked Dave and then headed off home.

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